The department of civil and architecture jointly organize "International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture (ICACA)", on 15-16 September 2023. The conference provides a platform for national and international dialogue on infrastructure assets as an enabler of socio-economic development. The conference also serves as a forum for government, private agencies, entrepreneurs, academicians, research experts, and students sharing common interests on creating sustainable infrastructure by exchanging knowledge acquired from various civil and architecture interdisciplinary programmes .


SIT, Tumakuru is organizing, an "International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture (ICACA)". The conference will bring together all stakeholders of infrastructure to promote sustainability for the needs of society through:

  1. Structural safety
  2. Natural, and alternate construction materials and methods
  3. Application of innovative architectural concepts in built environment
  4. Management of modern infrastructural assets
  5. Internet of things(loT), remote sensing(RS), and geographical information systems (GIS) for water resources, climate resilience, and infrastructure
  6. Computational and modeling techniques

call for PAPERS

The ICACA-2023, serves as a platform to present and publish research papers from across the globe pertinent to the conference themes. The authors are requested to submit an abstract of not more than 300 words with maximum of six keywords. Abstract can be submitted using the "Easy Chair" link provided in the ICACA conference website.

Upon acceptance of abstract, a link for uploading the full-length paper shall be notified on the website. Full-length papers submitted will be peer reviewed by the technical committee and the editorial team of the publishers will conduct quality checks on the accepted papers. Papers that pass these checks will be published in Scopus indexed conference proceedings. However, the full-length papers accepted by the technical committee will be provided an opportunity for presentation during the conference and brought out in the form of "Extended Abstract" only upon registration to the conference.